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Hangzhou Zhongcheng Material Technology Co., Ltd. is China Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll Manufacturers and Custom Medical Film Rolls Suppliers. We are an innovative enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, and sales of Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll, Medical Film Rolls, disposable plastic, food-grade, medical, shrinkable, PE/CPP, and military anti-rust films. The company provides customers with high-performance film products with advanced technology and production equipment, complete product performance testing methods, a reliable quality assurance system, valuable pre-sales technical support, and thoughtful after-sales service.

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Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll, Medical Film Rolls Industry knowledge

What are the main applications of Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll in the food packaging industry? How does it ensure food safety and hygiene?

Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll has extensive and important applications in the food packaging industry. The following are its main applications and how to ensure food safety and hygiene:
main application:
Direct food packaging: Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll is often used to directly package food, such as candies, chocolates, biscuits, etc., due to its non-toxic, tasteless and high transparency characteristics. This form of packaging can effectively protect food from external contamination.
Food outer layer protection: For food that needs to be stored or transported for a long time, Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll can be used as an outer layer of protective material and used in conjunction with inner packaging to form a multi-layered protection system to improve food preservation and safety. .
Food trays and sealing: In food production lines, Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll can be processed into trays for carrying food, or used for sealing food packaging boxes to enhance the sealing and stability of the packaging.
Ensure food safety and hygiene:
Material safety: The raw materials used in Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll must meet food-grade standards and do not contain harmful substances, such as heavy metals, toxic additives, etc. Through strict screening of raw materials, we ensure that the product itself will not cause food contamination.
Hygiene control during processing: During the production process, hygiene regulations should be strictly observed to ensure that the production environment is clean, dust-free, and sterile. Regularly clean and disinfect production equipment to prevent the growth of microorganisms.
Packaging sealing: Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll has excellent sealing performance, which can effectively block the intrusion of outside air, moisture and microorganisms, thereby extending the shelf life of food.
Traceability: Establish a complete production traceability system to track and record the quality of each batch of Food-Grade Plastic Film Roll to ensure that the source of the product is clear and the quality is controllable.

What role does Medical Packaging Film Rolls play in medical packaging? How does it ensure the safety and hygiene of medical devices and drugs?

Medical Packaging Film Rolls play a vital role in medical packaging. As the main packaging material for medical devices and drugs, it bears the important responsibility of protecting products from external contamination and ensuring product safety and hygiene.
First of all, Medical Packaging Film Rolls can effectively prevent the intrusion of external bacteria, viruses, dust and other contaminants through its excellent barrier properties, keeping the interior of the packaging clean and sterile. This is critical for medical devices and pharmaceuticals, which need to be maintained with a high degree of cleanliness and sterility during use to prevent infection and other adverse consequences.
Secondly, Medical Packaging Film Rolls also have good sealing performance, which can ensure that the medical devices and drugs inside the package will not be affected by adverse factors such as external air and moisture during transportation, storage and use. This helps maintain product stability, extend shelf life, and reduce quality issues and safety hazards caused by damaged packaging.
In addition, some advanced Medical Packaging Film Rolls also have special functions, such as antibacterial, antistatic, anti-ultraviolet, etc., which further enhances their protective effect on medical devices and drugs. These functions can be customized according to different medical product needs to meet the diverse requirements of the medical industry.